“Excellent teacher who is patient and understanding. Helped me learn the skills and knowledge needed to pass the test and be a safe driver. Highly recommended!”


Reece, Killingworth – Passed 11 November 2013

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Trevor is very friendly and make’s you feel very at ease, I Took my first ever lesson with Trevor on 23rd Sep 2016 and passed my test first time on the 13th March 2017. There is no way I would have been able to pass without Trevor, he was extremely patient with me (at times I don’t know how he put up with me) and made me have confidence with driving I never thought I would ever feel. I would recommend him to everyone, you won’t be disappointed.

Thanks again Trevor


Danielle, Killingworth. 13th March 2017

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I would recommend Bailey’s Driving Solutions, Trevor is very friendly and explains things very well, I didn’t learn from scratch with Trevor but after 5 years I picked up bad habits, so i contacted Bailey’s Driving Solutions to refresh my memory and so glad I did, I learnt a lot from Trevor, so many things had changed over the years with certain manoeuvres.

I had done about 10 hours driving with Trevor and went and passed my test first time around after sitting it again after 5 years, without Trevor’s help I wouldn’t have.

Thanks so much.  

Natalie, Westmoor – Passed December 2016 

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Trevor was a great teacher who kept me calm and confident whilst driving.  He has a lot of driving experience that makes him a great teacher and I would definitely recommend him!  Thanks!

Rebecca, Killingworth – Passed Sept 2016

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I just wanted to say thank you for your great driving instructions.

Obtaining a British driving licence seemed too daunting, I was completely overwhelmed with the challenge of mastering the skills to drive safely in England. But after your thorough lessons, through all kind of driving situations, I’ve managed to build up my confidence and pass the driving test from the first attempt.

You were very flexible, and we managed to fit the lessons easily around my working commitments.

Thank you very much again.

Goran, Forest Gate – Passed July 2016

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I passed my test FIRST time on Friday 22nd of July with the help and guidance from Bailey’s Driving Solutions 
Trevor was the first instructor I called and so pleased I did he’s a great instructor,very patient and excellent at what he does,I would recommend him to everyone. You will not be disappointed with Trevor.

Thanks again Trevor


Gavin, Killingworth – Passed July 2016

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Excellent driving instructor who made me feel relaxed and gave me all the skills and know how to make me comfortable behind the wheel. Couldn’t rate any more highly.


Tom, Killingworth – Passed 8th January 2016

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“Trevor has a relaxed and friendly personality which really puts you at ease at a time when nerves could get the better of you.  His experience of driving is very comprehensive and his local road knowledge really helps you prepare for your test. I will happily recommend him and i am thankful he was my first choice!”


Marc, Backworth – Passed 9th November 2015

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“I’d like to thank my exceptional driving instructor, Trevor, for sharing his extensive range of driving knowledge with me to help me pass my driving test.  My lessons were always comfortable, enjoyable and helped me to improve each time.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Bailey’s Driving Solutions!  Thanks again :)”


Nathan, Killingworth – Passed 20th May 2015

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“I would like to say a big thank you to Trevor, my driving instructor!  Thank you for always correcting and encouraging me on my driving.  All this resulted in me passing my driving test successfully!


Natalie, Monkseaton – Passed 7th October 2014

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I cannot thank Trevor enough for his tuition which just culminated in me passing the practical test on my first attempt. I was nervous about taking lessons again after giving up fifteen years ago with another instructor but Trevor started me out slowly, assessed my ability, and made sure I got the experience I needed to raise my confidence.

Trevor is approachable, friendly and was accommodating of my schedule. I’m really impressed with the results he helped me to achieve and I appreciate the good driving-habits he taught me that will continue to help me beyond my test.


John, Hazelrigg - Passed 18/09/2017

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Twelve out of ten! Previously, I have had bad experiences with driving instructors which knocked me back, but Trevor has truly restored my faith in driving instructors.

Trevor has shown to me such dedication in transferring the best skills possible as a driver and providing me with the best advice possible. He shows such passion with ensuring his students achieve the best, not for his gain but for theirs.

I will be eternally grateful for all the patience, compassion, understanding, support, effort, flexibility, and excellence you have provided me with. Anyone wondering whether to go with Trevor, I can 110% assure he's the man! He the best man for the job! He deserves a medal for helping me to achieve it all! Can not thank you enough, massive smiles :)! 😁😁😁😁

Chloe, Palmersville - Passed September 2017

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I am forever grateful to Trevor for getting me through my test. Trevor is the best driving instructor out there! When I began driving about a year ago I had no confidence behind the wheel. Trevor has helped me every step of the way, through his calm nature and positivity (even when I panicked or lost my faith in driving) he has made driving enjoyable. I will forever be thankful to him for putting up with me! I'll be recommending him to anyone who needs lessons or refreshing!

He is a star!

Hope, Killingworth - Passed 28th June 2018

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Trevor was a really understanding person with the situation I was in with my driving. Only had till September before my theory ran out and told Trevor I wanted him to push me to the full to help me pass first time. I took my test on the 1st August and passed 1st time with only 3 minors 😀. I can't thank Trevor enough for helping me through the lessons, for being patient and really helpful. Would highly recommend Trevor to anyone who wants to learn to drive. Great instructor and a great guy.

Thank you Trevor.

Andy, Killingworth – Passed 1 Aug 2018

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Trevor was a calm and thorough instructor who was friendly to keep nerves down but stern enough to make sure you’re learning. He has plenty of driving experience which easily shows when he’s teaching. Thanks for your instruction Trevor!

Stuart, Killingworth - Passed Jan 2019

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Great teacher and very patient. Helped me learn the skills and knowledge of driving safely not only to pass the test but for safe driving. Lessons were enjoyable and helped me improve every time!

Alvin, Killingworth - Passed 3rd May 2019

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I would like to say a massive thanks to Trevor for helping me pass my Driving test. He made me feel calm and relaxed all the time. He took his time to detail explain things clearly. He is a really friendly person which can help overcome your nerves. I would highly recommend to my friends and family and to anyone who's thinking about taking driving lessons in the near future, thanks once again Trevor.

Adam, Killingworth - Passed 11th May 2019

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Trevor is a very patient instructor and dealt with me in a good manor as I used to get very frustrated when I first began my driving lessons. He taught me how to drive safely and efficiently in all different types of weather and times of the day which will make driving by myself a lot easier in the future. I am please that I had chosen Trevor to be my instructor and I am very grateful for his time and effort that he or in to teach me. I would highly recommend him.Liam

Liam, Longbenton Passed 3rd July 2019

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Honestly cannot recommend Trevor enough! If he can get me through my test he can certainly get anyone through it. He’s very patient and explains everything thoroughly. The price of lessons is also very reasonable. Absolutely 10/10!!!Leeona

Leeona, Jesmond - 12th December 2019

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Trevor is very patient and gives great support with both your practical and theory side of driving. I had days where I was feeling very nervous and he put me at ease every time. With his help I passed my theory and practical first time, having never driven anything before! Thank you very much Trevor! Ashleigh, Benton - 10th January 2020

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'Genuinely couldn’t have asked for a better driving instructor. For someone with little confidence in driving, Trevor’s calmness, patience and all-round positive demeanour helped me enormously, and after several lessons spent panicking I finally started to enjoy them! I’ll be forever grateful for his education and have already recommended him to numerous friends. Thank you Trevor!'

Matthew - Killingworth - Passed 18th December 2020

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I would highly recommend Trevor he's an amazing instructor I was a bag of nerves when I first started and he managed to keep me calm and explained everything to me clearly and I passed first time. 

Amanda, Cramlington - Passed 2nd July 2021

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Trevor is a brilliant driving instructor and I can't recommend him enough. He is a very patient teacher and doesn't overcomplicate things and makes learning to drive a straight forward experience. 
I can't thank him enough for getting me through my test, I was extremely nervous on the day and he kept me calm then too. Absolutely brilliant, fully recommend.

Kate, Forest Hall - Passed 8th November 2021

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Trevor is an excellent driving instructor, who is approachable and friendly during lessons. I cannot rate him highly enough. He was extremely patient with me whilst I was learning to drive, despite lots of questions and requests for him to go over things again. I throughly enjoyed my lessons with him and will always be grateful for the support and encouragement he has given me to help obtain my license. I’d recommend Bailey's Driving Solutions to anyone who is wishing to pass their driving test. 

James, Forest Hall - Passed 14th December 2021

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